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Our Story

Harness the power that lays in essential oils 

Namaste! Thank you for choosing to learn more about Elabloom and what we truly stand for.  


My name is Jane, and along with my husband, Brendan we run our small family business together. Made and manufactured in Canada, we are a 100% locally operated company that provides essential oils and aromatherapy products that bring you to fulfilled mindfulness. After I got pregnant with my first daughter, I really started paying attention to everything I was putting in and on my body. This is when I discovered the powerful benefits that essential oils can have on our state of mind and well being.

Elabloom is concentrated on cultivating products that are good for the soul and feed the mind with positivity. We do this through never using harmful chemicals or agents in any of our products. Getting rid of chemicals and synthetic perfumes is a great way to benefit your overall health while nourishing your thoughts with the natural health effects of using unaltered products and essential oils. That is exactly what we do at Elabloom. Elabloom in Sanskrit quite literally translates to ‘Earth's Bloom” which is indicative of the origin of our diffused essential oils and aromatherapy wellness blends: Earth.


Since we (Brendan and I) are wellness enthusiasts ourselves, we are determined to give our customers essential oils that are safe, pure, and effective. We want to improve the lives of those who lay their trust in us and help to introduce our innovative product line to those who appreciated wellness just as much as we do. We are committed to purity and ethically sourced essential oils and are excited that we have created relaxation products that connect you with your body harmonics.

Our focus is to create products that promote awareness, positivity, and moderation. When coupled with yoga and meditation, our uplifting oils leverage what the Earth gave us, encouraging total relaxation and mitigation. Our unique oil blends work to soothe, enliven, and balance your body and your mind.



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