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Our Story

In an age when sticker-shock is an unfortunate reality, Elabloom was founded in response to a need in the market for affordable personal-care products that are free of harmful chemicals. Elabloom offers a unique approach to skincare that is 100% made in Canada and Paraben, Petroleum, and Phthalate-free.  

ELABLOOM was founded in 2011 by partners who recognized the need to develop quality, affordable personal care products in the marketplace; they created a lineup of unique products for your face and body.

Since its inception, they have witnessed great success with their well-received beauty line. Pursuing a passion for evolution and innovation, ELABLOOM has now gone beyond its original lineup in an uplifting evolution. The new and improved ‘ELABLOOM Lifestyle’ now features an exclusive line for women, and children, including full-regimen rituals to help bring out the best version of you. They are also working on a men’s line, and ELABLOOM for an all around healthier home. 


What does it mean?  Earth’s Bloom

ELABLOOM - In Sanskrit, Ela means earth. Elabloom is deeply inspired by a holistic approach to health, spiritual balance, and livelihood. ELABLOOM’s lineup is 100 percent Canadian made. Taken quite literally, ELABLOOM’s products are the direct result of the Earth’s bloom. This provides the healthiest approach to both your skin care, and treatment of the earth’s natural resources. This philosophy of being one with the earth is directly captured in our logo. What better way to accurately represent our cause than the name ELABLOOM?


What do we believe?

Our brand philosophy is based around two core dynamic principles: honesty and authenticity. We develop our products with these in mind, and it allows us to produce naturally invigorating twists on classic spa rituals. Blooming is a process.  We want to Guide you…Teach you…Show you. Our step-by-step process gives you many of the benefits of a spa right in your own home. We believe in ritual rather than routine.  It is a mindset rather than mindless.  Our DIY spa solutions provide you with the ability to more frequently engage in the benefits of a spa session, but with considerably less cost, less time, and healthier constituents!  Learn and grow with ELABLOOM.

Elabloom sources our ingredients only from suppliers that have the highest integrity, and those whom we trust. We understand the negative effects of parabens, phthalates and petroleum products, and we refuse to cut corners to save on costs. We believe that we can still run a healthy business while bringing you high-end natural products that are good for your skin, while not breaking the bank. This guarantees quality, health, and overall rejuvenation with methodical regular rituals. All of our products are freshly bloomed, with an inspirational guide for holistic benefits.  


Treat yourself right. Cleanse, tone, and hydrate your way to the best version of you.

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