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Hold Me Close 10ml

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If you love the scent of our miniBLOOM for babies, this one’s for you! Add a few drops to baby’s bath for additional soothing comfort or why not enjoy it yourself in your bath? Chamomile and Lavender come together in this blend to calm and relax baby and/or mamma.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil– Chamomile isn't just a delicious tea! Our Chamomile (blue) German Essential Oil helps you elevate your mood, fight depressive thoughts, acts as a sleep aid, and is calming and r elaxing. Blue Chamomile contains azulene, a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. This blue crystal is not actually present in the plant, but forms in the oil and only a small quantity is needed. It is this azulene that gives the oil a deep blue color.
  • Lavender Essential Oil – Some of the most important health benefits of lavender include its ability to relieve stress, improve mood, promote restful sleep, reduce inflammation, lower skin irritation, prevent infections, and eliminate dandruff.

There are many ways to use our oils, the following are only a few suggestions:

  • Use 5 - 10 drops in your diffuser
  • Add 5 - 10 drops into your baby's bath
  • Apply a few drops to your wrist as a natural perfume
  • Add to your or your baby's favourite unscented lotion

Elabloom Cares: For external use only. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

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