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Additional Mala Bracelet Charms


Get an additional charm to reflect your intention today! 

Clasp on this cute Bohemian-inspired elephant charm to your Elabloom bracelet. Add a touch of spirituality with this adorable Buddhist elephant. Elephants are a symbol of wisdom, loyalty, intelligence, and strength. They have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of great luck. The upright position of the truck represents positivity and is a constant reminder to keep your head up and stay strong.

As soon as you attached this charm to your bracelet, you will hear the OM sound resonate throughout your body and into your soul. This charm symbolises a higher power and the oneness of all beings in life’s cycle. The past, present and future are brought together in this charming piece.

This cute and nautical charm will keep you ‘grounded’, content, and is said to retain your modesty. The anchor charm adds stability to your routine, aids in clearing the mind, and is a symbol of good luck. When life throws you a rough tide, clasp the anchor to your bracelet, take a deep breath, and find the courage to make it through.

This ‘all seeing’ eye hand is symbolic of a high-level of awakened consciousness. Attach this charm to your bracelet prior to hitting the studio to obtain full attention and presentness. The hand represents pure blessings, power and strength and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye.

Get back to your roots with this beautiful detachable charm. With its roots being deep into the ground, they carry up nutrients from mother earth all the way up to its blossoming flowers. It reaches for the sky, touching the heavens bringing truth and wisdom to those who wear it. The tree of life symbolizes purity; fertility and good fortune. The wearer will be reminded of the wisdom and purity that resides in all of us.

This unique charm represents happiness, good fortune, and prosperity. It is also said to have healing powers, curing you of your ailments and bring you back to health. The hand is said to protect you from the evil eye and keep you in a full conscious state of mind.

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