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108-bead Mala Necklace


The only charms remaining are OM, Spike, Leaf. Please comment on your order which one you would like.

This 108-bead Mala Necklace is not just a fancy item that we added to our line; it actually holds depth, meaning and purpose. We know what you are wondering: why does the Mala Necklace contain precisely 108 beads – not one more and not one less. Well here is the scoop: This number goes back to Tibetan Buddhism and indicates the amount of daily rituals and mantras one should partake in every single day: each bead counts as one mantra therefore they are considered ‘counting beads’.

Daily rituals and mantras using the Mala Necklace are used to collect oneself, re-center and reignite full attention. There are several reasons why there are 108 beads on our necklace and it all relates back to self-realization, being present, being now, and being so calm as to meditate without feeling angst, impatience and pique. The Mala Necklace is intended to be an integral and possible pinnacle part of daily rituals, mantras, and meditation.

We decided to make our charms interchangeable so you can swap them out depending on how you're feeling of what intention you want to bring into your life that day. Choose the one you want your necklace to come with, or get them all!

Spike: This edgy yet spiritual charm is sure to bring you serenity as intended. Get the strength you need to push through your yoga or pilates session with this beautiful spike charm. The spike is seen as a natural healer and works to repair and reverse negativity. The Spike is a perfect addition to your Elabloom mala necklace. Can also be used as an energy tester!

Leaf: Add a bit of boho chic to your outfit with this detachable silver bodhi leaf charm. Express your personal taste and style with this spiritual leaf. The charm boasts unique detailing and a structured design which truly represents tranquility in every sense. Get in touch with nature with this tranquil charm.

Om: Why not carry the symbol of positivity with you everywhere you go? You can now exude a feeling of contentment, serenity, and calmness with this beautiful interchangeable charm. Promote oneness with this inspirational piece, sure to bring you back to a level of fulfillment.

Tassel: Add a touch of movement and spirituality to your necklace with this lovely turquoise blue tassel charm. Add a bit of flair to your mala necklace with this alluring charm, sure to be a head-turner. The colour and movement of the piece are a balanced contrast to the simple yet elegant necklace.

Feather: Release your inner spirit to an escalated sense of self with this interchangeable feather charm. Attach this charm as a symbol of your connection to your spirit as well as to the energy between you and others. Zen is achieved through this graceful charm, inspired by the bohemian culture. The feather is said to be in the possession of the most sought after beings, those with integrity and genuine inner beauty. This free-spirited charm is meaningful yet versatile and is the perfect addition to your next yoga session. Take flight next time you say ‘Om’ with this sophisticated feather charm.

Anchor: This nautical charm will keep you ‘grounded’, content, and is said to retain your modesty. The anchor charm adds stability to your routine, aids in clearing the mind, and is a symbol of good luck. When life throws you a rough tide, clasp the anchor to your necklace, take a deep breath, and find the courage to make it through.

Third eye hand: This ‘all seeing’ eye hand is symbolic of a high-level of awakened consciousness. Attach this charm to your neckalce prior to hitting the studio to obtain full attention and presentness. The hand represents pure blessings, power and strength and is seen as potent in deflecting the evil eye.

I feel anxious, I feel overwhelmed, I’m tired, my mind is full of negative thoughts, I feel physical tension. If any of these sounds familiar to you, than the need for daily mantras is crucial to your health, mind, body and soul. In order to function your very best and be the confident being you want to be, you have to be positive and have a positive mind and outlook. Daily mantras allow you to connect internally with yourself, to recognize, find purpose, locate meaning and uncover vitality.

There are an abundance of daily mantras. Here are just a few:

  • A 3-minute morning mantra: Increases your blood circulation and the endocrine system secretion start to flow.
    • Today, I will choose happiness.
    • I am enough.
    • Today, I will positively impact someone’s day.
    • Today, accept what is instead of resenting what isn’t.
    • Just to be alive is a grand thing.
  • A 7-minute afternoon mantra: Your brain patterns start to shift and the magnetic field surrounding the body becomes stronger.
    • May I be Happy. May I be Healthy. May I be Creative. May I be at ease.
    • I am thankful for everything I have.
    • Today, I will breathe deeply and go slowly.
    • It is enough to do my best.
    • Breathe in joy and strength, breathe out wisdom and peace.
    • I choose to believe in abundance, and accept this belief as my reality.
  • A 22-minute evening mantra: Your subconscious mind starts to clear up.
    • I am fulfilled. I am fearless.
    • I honor my spirit and trust my vibes.
    • I will not postpone joy.
    • Everything I’m searching for is already inside of me.
    • I am grateful for this day, and tomorrow will be even better.

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